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Blind to the gemstone alone

Age. 32
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location ,
School. Other
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March 2023

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Wednesday. 12.13.17 11:46 am
I forgot about this site! I know I haven't been updating this in forever. This entry wouldn't make sense because I never wrote about what's happening in my life for a long time.

I've been working as the general manager of a wine restaurant for 2 months but today I have decided to quit. I ended up not going today. I felt tired, bored and exhausted emotionally. I'm trying to find a new occupation not relating to a restaurant. I'm going to study graphic design.

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Sunday. 4.19.15 12:46 pm
My preferences have changed over the years. I thought I had to live in the states, but now that's optional. I actually liked living in Thailand now. Currently living in Pattaya and got a job at a nice and quiet restaurant.

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Happy New Year
Tuesday. 1.21.15 10:59 am
Happy New Year Nutang users! I rarely come here now. Once in a while I will blog here. Say hello if you come across!

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Thursday. 6.26.14 8:57 am
Who uses deadjournal? I have two djs to give away under the names "opalescentsugar" and "secretlies." Let me know if you want it by commenting below.

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Wednesday. 6.18.14 3:15 am
I'm finally back here after many months. I'm now unemployed again. I'm waiting for the right job to come around.

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Saturday. 10.26.13 3:46 pm
I don't feel like dealing with losers anymore. All they talk about is getting a bf/gf, getting married, relationship issues, etc.. Don't they have anything else to think about? I understand that it is part of life, but your bf/gf will not go everywhere with you. The only time you really see them is after work and on your day off. That's it. It's not that big of a deal. I'm not a therapist, so I'd rather people keep their family issues to themselves.

I changed my workplace. I'm going to be working in the cold kitchen more often doing vegetable/fruit carving.

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Equal Ways

So the circle cannot fade
It turns in endless ways
It turns its endless days

So this window offers views
Of endless loves and fears
Of endless moves and stance

We turn in rest and dance
Scoff at our arises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I will never stop wonder

They walk in flowers
They walk in shorts
They win the nothings
They win awards

It makes no essence to me
I walk the flowers
I win the nothings
So this circle cannot fail

It turns its endless ways
It turns its endless days

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

We turn in equal days
So let's live in equal ways
We turn in equal ways
So let's live in equal days

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